Saturday, January 23, 2016

Shadows on the Wall

What is my misconception?

There’s something else beyond
There’s something more

I wish you’d grab my hand and take me out the door

Moving, twisted shadows
Dancing on the wall
Are they living?
Are they breathing?
Light and dark is all I know

Oh, say oh say it isn’t so

He screams at me
He says turn around
Turn around you fool

You only know what you can see
Not every possibility
That’s waiting to be discovered

Just turn around

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I tossed my heart into the ocean.
The raging waves throw it harshly back and forth.
It is jolted up into the crest of a wave and is infected by the unclean foam.

Next, it is thrust towards the angry water as the wave unleashes its power.
The force is so great that my heart is pounded into the rough ocean floor.
Relentless weeds of the sea unwelcomely embrace my heart.
It is trapped.
It is choked.
It can’t breathe.
The slippery sea weeds refuse to unhand the lost organ, until the mighty water intervenes.
With a startling, forceful pull, the greedy water snatches my heart from the ocean parasites.

Once again, the beating thing is thrown into the clutches of the waves.
It is shoved, pushed, and pulled in every which way.
As the tide rolls in, my heart is slammed into the sides of boulders and rocks,
Along the treacherous shore.
It breaks.
It bleeds.
It can’t fight any longer.

The abused organ eventually stops in a slimy, gritty pit of sand on the shore.
The grains of sand work their way into the cuts and wounds on my heart.
They create a sharp sting.
Sunlight scorches and bakes it in the sun.
The salt has parched my precious heart.
The angry seagulls peck at it and create fresh wounds that sear with new pain.
So unsettled.
So disturbed.
So upset.
My heart.

Many days passed.

A pair of hands appear.
They surround my heart.
Soft yet sturdy hands.
My heart is then cleaned with the purest water.
The relentless stinging ceases.
The cuts, abrasions, and bruises disappear.
My heart regains its rich, lively color.
The precious hands love it tenderly.
A pair of lips gently touch my heart with a kiss. 
They whisper,

I love this beautiful, messy heart.
You are mine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Light and Momentary

Foolish are the ones who say the dark is going to win
Light and momentary is the pain we find in sin

Never underestimate the power of the light
Soon the good and soon the hurt will no longer collide

Like a thief in the night, Our King will come in white
Fiery eyed, He'll come to bring us home in perfect time

Voices and Mouths

He's told you once
She's told you twice
They'll tell you again

Oh, you better come back home

I breathe it in
I breathe it out
The cold and warmth
Voices and mouths

Don't tell me how
To live a life
Though rich in spirit
There's still a lie

From the crib stage
To the grave age
Dry and wet
Become the days

Enough is enough
What's done is done
Trickles of light
Reveal the sun

He's told you once
She's told you twice
They'll tell you again

Oh. you better come back home

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dearest Mine

Dearest mine, you're doing just fine.
Stay on this road.

These days ahead you'll lie in bed
And pray that ease will come.

Dearest mine, I know your heart.
Your silence and patience are good.

The ones you love will soon enough
Be as close as they were.

Dearest mine, you're given time.
Don't weary or tire your soul.

For when you cry and stir at night
Your choices wound me, I fear.

Dearest mine, your precious life
Is destined for beauty and good.

Love waits and you'll see its face
Just wait for that gift, my dear.


She's swimming in the sea
The water's miles deep
Her hair is soaking wet
It floats around her head

Darkness follows her swimming
Her trust is slowly thinning
It's hard for her to breathe
The cold suffocates her feet

She bubbles out some words
As the waves arrive in herds
"I must push on. Come what may,
I'll still make it to the bay."

Her teeth hit the cold
And following is her nose
Her eyes are last to go
And their blue color shows

Submerged in the sea
The dark becomes the enemy
Her breaths break the water
The breaths of this daughter

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mind Battle

A coterie becomes a mess
Torn to pieces
Torn to shreds
Because the weight of the world becomes a loss for words
And it is like being stuck inside a fire that cannot be tamed
And someone is looking to ride the smoke rings right out

Brothers and sisters turn cold in the smoke
Inhaling the coals
Releasing the bitterness
Blowing it to the side
It sears the eyes of the people who watch
And they wonder, “When are they coming home?”

Well, what is it?
What fixes the cracks of a broken life?
And what if it was not broken in the first place?
What if riding on the back of the smoke rings is not the elucidation?
Refusal is preferred
Let minds turn in another direction

It is a danger to obscure genuinity behind a mask
For the price of lies can be inordinate
An insecure mind is yet to be understood
It is still given power
It is still torturous
It can drive some worn soul into a fog

But the Lord did speak beauty
Beauty more valuable than many sparrows
The breaking is done by our own hands
Emptiness is that result
The void can be filled…