Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dearest Mine

Dearest mine, you're doing just fine.
Stay on this road.

These days ahead you'll lie in bed
And pray that ease will come.

Dearest mine, I know your heart.
Your silence and patience are good.

The ones you love will soon enough
Be as close as they were.

Dearest mine, you're given time.
Don't weary or tire your soul.

For when you cry and stir at night
Your choices wound me, I fear.

Dearest mine, your precious life
Is destined for beauty and good.

Love waits and you'll see its face
Just wait for that gift, my dear.


She's swimming in the sea
The water's miles deep
Her hair is soaking wet
It floats around her head

Darkness follows her swimming
Her trust is slowly thinning
It's hard for her to breathe
The cold suffocates her feet

She bubbles out some words
As the waves arrive in herds
"I must push on. Come what may,
I'll still make it to the bay."

Her teeth hit the cold
And following is her nose
Her eyes are last to go
And their blue color shows

Submerged in the sea
The dark becomes the enemy
Her breaths break the water
The breaths of this daughter