Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Light and Momentary

Foolish are the ones who say the dark is going to win
Light and momentary is the pain we find in sin

Never underestimate the power of the light
Soon the good and soon the hurt will no longer collide

Like a thief in the night, Our King will come in white
Fiery eyed, He'll come to bring us home in perfect time

Voices and Mouths

He's told you once
She's told you twice
They'll tell you again

Oh, you better come back home

I breathe it in
I breathe it out
The cold and warmth
Voices and mouths

Don't tell me how
To live a life
Though rich in spirit
There's still a lie

From the crib stage
To the grave age
Dry and wet
Become the days

Enough is enough
What's done is done
Trickles of light
Reveal the sun

He's told you once
She's told you twice
They'll tell you again

Oh. you better come back home

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dearest Mine

Dearest mine, you're doing just fine.
Stay on this road.

These days ahead you'll lie in bed
And pray that ease will come.

Dearest mine, I know your heart.
Your silence and patience are good.

The ones you love will soon enough
Be as close as they were.

Dearest mine, you're given time.
Don't weary or tire your soul.

For when you cry and stir at night
Your choices wound me, I fear.

Dearest mine, your precious life
Is destined for beauty and good.

Love waits and you'll see its face
Just wait for that gift, my dear.


She's swimming in the sea
The water's miles deep
Her hair is soaking wet
It floats around her head

Darkness follows her swimming
Her trust is slowly thinning
It's hard for her to breathe
The cold suffocates her feet

She bubbles out some words
As the waves arrive in herds
"I must push on. Come what may,
I'll still make it to the bay."

Her teeth hit the cold
And following is her nose
Her eyes are last to go
And their blue color shows

Submerged in the sea
The dark becomes the enemy
Her breaths break the water
The breaths of this daughter

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mind Battle

A coterie becomes a mess
Torn to pieces
Torn to shreds
Because the weight of the world becomes a loss for words
And it is like being stuck inside a fire that cannot be tamed
And someone is looking to ride the smoke rings right out

Brothers and sisters turn cold in the smoke
Inhaling the coals
Releasing the bitterness
Blowing it to the side
It sears the eyes of the people who watch
And they wonder, “When are they coming home?”

Well, what is it?
What fixes the cracks of a broken life?
And what if it was not broken in the first place?
What if riding on the back of the smoke rings is not the elucidation?
Refusal is preferred
Let minds turn in another direction

It is a danger to obscure genuinity behind a mask
For the price of lies can be inordinate
An insecure mind is yet to be understood
It is still given power
It is still torturous
It can drive some worn soul into a fog

But the Lord did speak beauty
Beauty more valuable than many sparrows
The breaking is done by our own hands
Emptiness is that result
The void can be filled…

Look at Us

Look at me
Existing here
Silently watching people pass by

Look at you
Lying there 
Without a disquiet of any kind

Look at her
Running away
Hoping someone might stop her

Look at him
Sitting near
Chuckling at the world and its follies

Look at us
Living on
Heading onward amongst each other

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Like a Tower

There are towers inside of fortresses

Their windows are shattered
Shards are everywhere
Only a few are unscathed

Doorknobs lie in pieces on the sooty ground
Papers and pens
Thoughts and memories
Are all scattered before these eyes

Wandering in and out of towers
One grows jaded
One grows worn

Ascending to the top in rugged conditions
Dust and debris adhere to togs
It is impossible to evade these fallen obstacles

Once the top of a tower is reached
All of the fortress can be observed
All disaster
All misfortune
All that is broken

Yet in the midst of the turmoil and wreckage
There is a lake

There is a lake that lies serene and motionless
It is untouched by any hindrance
It is a precious gift of relief and peace
The water is the only sliver life in this fortress

It lies in perfection
Amongst the broken towers

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ins and Outs

The snakes you spat,
They wrapped and wrapped
Around me

But what was that?
Oh, what was that,
To tell me all about me?

From the time I was born
That time until now
You told me what I was
My ins and my outs

The thoughts you gave
I bathed and bathed
Inside them

But why is that?
Why'd I do that?
I skipped the wind in the trees.

Shameful was I
Well you ought to know
And each time I lied
My body did so

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Father, Please

I originally wrote this as a song. The lyrics mean so much to me.

Father Your name was lost
When You left our house
Three years ago

Father we begged You to come home
But You didn't show
When we called You

Father please come home
Can't You see we're done
Father please return
This house has lost its worth

Daughter you think I left you here
But I never did, My dear
I have been around

Daughter your house is cold inside
From all the tears you've cried
What have you done?

Daughter I am home
I had never gone
Daughter dry your eyes
And look up at the skies

Father, please
Daughter, believe

Who We Are

I see wicked eyes
I try to let it go
I throw it to the wind
And watch it blow

I cannot change or shape your eyes
You cannot see through this disguise

I can watch the sun arise
And carry on
With the burden
Of your watch

We will carry on as who we are
You will not push us to the dark

Monday, January 6, 2014

Be Silent

Don't be sore as you were and take part in these contingencies 
Take pride in yourself 
Not in humility

Do not ever bruise your heart because it does not help
You bent petals and stomped them
But they did not break

Savor this blessed place and hold dear my heart to your's
Accept this lenity and artistry
Run, as I run 

You are mine, love
Worry adds no hours

Lie in bed

Be silent