Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Like a Tower

There are towers inside of fortresses

Their windows are shattered
Shards are everywhere
Only a few are unscathed

Doorknobs lie in pieces on the sooty ground
Papers and pens
Thoughts and memories
Are all scattered before these eyes

Wandering in and out of towers
One grows jaded
One grows worn

Ascending to the top in rugged conditions
Dust and debris adhere to togs
It is impossible to evade these fallen obstacles

Once the top of a tower is reached
All of the fortress can be observed
All disaster
All misfortune
All that is broken

Yet in the midst of the turmoil and wreckage
There is a lake

There is a lake that lies serene and motionless
It is untouched by any hindrance
It is a precious gift of relief and peace
The water is the only sliver life in this fortress

It lies in perfection
Amongst the broken towers

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