Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ins and Outs

The snakes you spat,
They wrapped and wrapped
Around me

But what was that?
Oh, what was that,
To tell me all about me?

From the time I was born
That time until now
You told me what I was
My ins and my outs

The thoughts you gave
I bathed and bathed
Inside them

But why is that?
Why'd I do that?
I skipped the wind in the trees.

Shameful was I
Well you ought to know
And each time I lied
My body did so


  1. This is so powerful Rae! It has such deep meaning and I really like it! Great work!!

    1. Thanks Lauren :) I love how you can read me! <3

    2. You're welcome Rae :) I love how we can read each other as well <3