Thursday, February 27, 2014

Father, Please

I originally wrote this as a song. The lyrics mean so much to me.

Father Your name was lost
When You left our house
Three years ago

Father we begged You to come home
But You didn't show
When we called You

Father please come home
Can't You see we're done
Father please return
This house has lost its worth

Daughter you think I left you here
But I never did, My dear
I have been around

Daughter your house is cold inside
From all the tears you've cried
What have you done?

Daughter I am home
I had never gone
Daughter dry your eyes
And look up at the skies

Father, please
Daughter, believe

Who We Are

I see wicked eyes
I try to let it go
I throw it to the wind
And watch it blow

I cannot change or shape your eyes
You cannot see through this disguise

I can watch the sun arise
And carry on
With the burden
Of your watch

We will carry on as who we are
You will not push us to the dark