Thursday, October 17, 2013

Modus Operandi

Eye to eye conversations
One too many contemplations
Solitude in the late afternoon
Reflections of faces at the end of a spoon

The tongue's qualm stays for a fortnight
To escape, the shoes walk off the plight
Mental stamina thrives in sheets
Leaving a soul wishing for sleep

Heart, tries to leave the thicket
While determined for a train ticket
Dance, in risk, on a dotted line
And wait to pay a clouded fine

A scratchy pen molds the paper
The hand shakes and tries to filter
Calliope remains a muse
A winnow from the wind removes any ruse


  1. Oh my word I love this!!! What does the title mean?? Its so great and beautiful!! One of your best!!

  2. Thanks woman! :) It means mode of operation basically. I'll explain it to you next time we see each other!!